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5 step formula that will build success in any industry and business

Did you know that prospects and customers can see right through you, your mindset and your agenda?

As entrepreneurs, it’s no secret that mindset has an enormous impact on your business.

Here’s the challenge with having the wrong mindset; it can make it appear as though your agenda is to suck the money out of the room when networking and everyone in the room feels it!

This week’s newsletter will help you understand what your mindset should be as an entrepreneur in any industry.

Meet Eric Worre!

Eric Worre is a 30-year Network Marketing professional, but his words of wisdom can be applied to any industry or business!

Eric’s message for entrepreneurs starting a business or simply looking to increase success in their current business is;

“If you bring enough value to the world and you’re smart enough that people want to do business with you, you can find a way to monetize any product.” -Eric Worre-

Eric suggests to start out by checking yourself with these self-check questions that will put you in the right mindset when networking and looking for prospective customers:

  1. Are you a giver or a taker?

  2. What’s your value?

On top of the self-check questions, Eric shares a 5 step formula to follow when starting a business:

  1. Find something you’re passionate about

  2. Build a community of those people

  3. Bring enormous value to this community

  4. Don’t ask for anything in return

  5. Give opportunity to those who want more

Clearly, this formula is not only for the Network Marketing industry, but it’s also a 5 step formula that will build success in any industry and business.

I encourage you to watch the video below as Eric elaborates on how to check your mindset and apply his 5 step formula on creating value and community for success as an entrepreneur.

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