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Cold calling if done right, is voice communication to get past the gatekeeper

The phone has never gone out of style and never will because pretty much everyone has one on them 24/7.

It appears people in sales think making cold calls isn’t as effective as technology like:

  1. Email

  2. Text

  3. Social Media

Yes, technology is fabulous and also here to stay, but did you know it can be less effective than meeting face to face or having voice communication with a prospect over the phone?

In fact, cold calling and face to face prospecting are still one of the most effective forms of communication when it comes to sales if done “SMART.”

I’m talking about Smart Calling; Cold calling done right!

Smart calling is about knowing what makes a person and their company tick before you call them, as opposed to just showing up and pitching the usual pitch like everybody else.

Now more than ever before, the internet makes it easy to learn and assess the needs of those we want to do business with by allowing us to create a relationship when Smart Calling.

“What is old is new again, and what is old has always worked and will always continue to work.” – Art Sobczak

Art is a prolific producer of learning resources on selling by phone. 

Art’s flagship book, “Smart Calling- How to Take the Fear, Failure, and Rejection Out of Cold Calling,” hit number one in the Sales and Marketing category on amazon.com, on its very first day of release.

I urge you to watch the interview with Art below to learn how smart calling is an effective way to get past the gatekeeper and stand out from the crowd of salespeople to make successful sales calls.

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