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Create sustainable growth in business with these three foundational pillars

Learn the winning trifecta that helps create sustainable growth in business with Bernadette McClelland.

After becoming an unwilling participant in Australia’s welfare system at the age of 50 and overcoming a life-threatening illness, being bedridden for a year, the liquidation of her family’s business, bankruptcy, betrayal and the loss of her family’s home, Bernadette and her husband redefined what their value was in the market. They went on to identify what people would pay for that value, completely shifting their focus and their lives.

Bernadette believes that anyone, at any time and in any stage in life, can achieve unprecedented business and personal growth by ‘amplifying their human potential.’

>> Join Bernadette and Kody B. in this interview that will set your foundation on three pillars for business development and sale success that creates sustainable growth in your business.  <<

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