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Do you use Alfalfa Flour?

From first planting to final bottling, Shaklee utilizes every safeguard to help protect the freshness of the natural alfalfa plant.  For example, Shaklee alfalfa is grown without pesticides, herbicides or inorganic fertilizers which is just the tip of the iceberg since Shaklee products are Beyond Organic!  Shaklee alfalfa comes from California’s rich Antelope Valley. There, alfalfa can be cut many times a year. This encourages selection of the choicest cuttings – the only kind Shaklee accepts for our Alfalfa tabs.  

By harvest time, the alfalfa leaves contain large amounts of chlorophyll produced by photosynthesis.  Special harvesting equipment helps protect the delicate leaves which contain the greatest concentration of nutrients.  After being cut, the alfalfa plants are cured in the open air, the natural, old-fashioned way. Once dried, the alfalfa is ready to be “milled” and the leaf is separated from the less desirable stem.  The end product is a fine, green colored alfalfa “flour” which must measure up to Shaklee’s stringent laboratory standards.

Before the flour goes through the tableting process, each batch is checked to ensure uniformity of ingredients and nutrient content.  No artificial flavors or colors are added to any Shaklee products.

On a personal note, I use it for allergies as alfalfa has naturally occurring antihistamines and

because it is such a great source of highly absorbable Vitamin K, I took 30 tabs a day as a tea during my last trimesters (3 kids) for both home & hospital births.

Alfalfa is helping Alma E. in California in many ways: Less Allergy symptoms such as  post nasal drip or sneezing. No laryngitis and a big help with arthritis! At times if she’s around dust and starts sneezing, she takes about 5 Alfalfa and with about 10-15 minutes the sneezing stops. For her her it it’s a wonderful fix.  She likes to make tea out of it and add a little lemon.

While plants and nutritional supplements do not cure any diseases, it is amazing what the body does when given what it needs!  What questions do you have about Alfalfa? Call me.

Current Specials!

Do you want the Best of the Best…..the Cream of The Crop for yourself and those you love?  Not sure how to get started? Here are 2 excellent ways.

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And until my next blog post……  BE the reason someone is smiling today! 

Make tomorrow amazing…..  It starts with You today!  Marie-anne A.K.A. Mom

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