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Don’t Do A Cleanse

I see it everywhere on social media. Is this a craze or a trend?

Believe me, I am not opposed to doing a cleanse. And yes, I have done some myself.

There are some important factors to keep on mind if one decides to do a cleanse.

• Current health status • Medications • Current Lifestyle habits • Expectations • Resources/Support • Post Cleanse Plan

What if I told you that there is a cleanse available that also comes with resources and support such as recipes, connection with others doing it at the same time as you and also has a medical team participating!

Doing a cleanse can be like pressing the body’s reset button. It does need to be done properly.

And what do you do afterwards now that you have rid the body of some toxins, might need to eliminate more (everyone is different), got more energy, got revitallized?!?

Being that we are all different and have unique life history, some have an easier time than others when doing a cleanse. I like to do it once a year, twice if special circumstances warrant it. When I did it after the vog cleared (VOG is what we are exposed to when the volcano is active….the air is quite mucky with ash, sulfur and more), I experienced a couple days of detox migraines and I am so thankful for the support group we have along with the medical staff for the guidance and encouragement. So, if you ask me if doing a cleanse is easy? The steps to follow are super simple. What one feels like during the cleanse varies on the individual. What are the most reported outcomes of the cleanse?

• Clear & Sharp thinking • Better sleep • Better energy • Weight loss • Improved regularity • A new spring in your step!

Besides all that support and resources, what I find to be the cherry on top is that the Prove It Challenge from Shaklee includes a free 7-Day Cleanse action plan and also has the perfect Post-Cleanse plan. It is a simple way to maintain the health gains and support your long term health goals.

Yes, Shaklee does offers a 7-Day Cleanse that is available all on it’s own. My question to you is do you want to simply do a body reset and go back to old habits until you decide to do another cleanse maybe 6 months down the road…..or do you want to do a reset and keep on experiencing more energy and vitality continually?

While I work in a doctor’s office, I am not the doctor. Bachelor of Science in Nutrition is one of my fields of study that I have completed. Keep in mind that if you are making any health changes, being monitored by a physician that is trained in nutrition. I don’t mean the 8 + hours that are standard for a MD degree. It is important especially if taking prescription medications to have those conversations. Even if your MD has just the very basic nutrition training required for their degree, it is imperative that they monitor your health changes. No MD in their right mind is going to say that eating healthier is bad for you. It is my experience that those participating in our program need to have their medications reduced as their health improves and changes to any dosages need to be monitored. The medical team in our support group is not permitted to do that since they are not the ones prescribing those medications.

Are you ready to change your life? Give the Prove It Challenge a chance…just for the Health Of It!

Until next time…

Make tomorrow amazing…..It starts with You today!

Marie-anne A.K.A. Mom

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