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Empty Gratefulness and a Clean Home

What the heck do these two have in common?  Is that what you are asking yourself?

Well, allow me to share about something that just happened.  

Routine type of suff!  I checked the mail for my job just like any other normal day but there was

something different this time.  That’s right……instead of all the bills and insurance reports, etc, there was a Thank You card from one of our local businesses.  Sure was a different piece of mail and I got all excited as I opened it.

My excitement got deflated very quickly.  It was a generic…….”because of the Thanksgiving season, we wanted to thank you for being our customer.”


No doubt that it is the same card that went out all their customers and it felt like they sent a card to say Thank You only because that is what we are “supposed” to do for Thanksgiving……give Thanks!

The only other times we get anything in the mail from them is to advertise to us.  This card we just received felt like Empty Gratefulness.

But, you may ask………what does that have to do with a clean home?

You can ask my husband, cleaning the house is not something I do daily. 

When I do clean, I like to put on some showtunes.  If I am in a play or getting ready for auditions, you will hear showtunes for whichever show is happening.  The next auditions are for “Into The Woods” so you can take a guess at what soundtrack I have on repeat!

I have a method to the madness and start cleaning at the back of of the house with bedrooms/bathrooms, then living/dining room area and finish up with the kitchen with mopping the floors being the very last task.  

What I love about cleaning the house is that I only use 3 different products and they are all safe for me and my family, our fur & feathered babies and also the environment so I am confident in having things go down the drain either into our septic system or the pipes that eventually lead to the ocean.

I use Basic-G with is an EPA certified disinfectant and so concentrated that the bottle I have is lasting me for what seems to be forever……I simply add a little into a spray bottle filled with water – – G stands for Germicide.

I use Basic-H2 as my household cleaner – H stands for Household.  Perfect for mirrors and windows to clean with no streaking………I did the mirrors, the windows will be done on a different day.  Perfect for countertops, doors, walls, floors, etc!  Literally, this little bottle has hundreds of uses and lasts a long long time.

And lastly……what folks in the cleaning industry say is their secret weapons but I am not supposed to tell, oops!  Scour-off!  I love this pinkish paste!  Perfect for tubs, kitchen sinks, etc.  Especially if you use body soaps, shampoo etc that leave residues…..this little tub of pinkish magic cuts down the cleaning time and amount of elbow grease needed.  I am glad that our Shaklee personal care products do not leave stuff like soap scum in the bathtub……but I can’t say that  our houseguests use Shaklee themselves.

But let us get back to the question of what does empty Gratefulness and a clean home have to do with each other?  


Absolutely nothing!

I simply felt like sharing about both today!

What would you like to share about?

Make tomorrow amazing….. It starts with You today! Marie-anne A.K.A. Mom

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