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Ever sent an “Idiot Letter?”

I know you have experienced it too.  Conflicting or contradicting information about something.  An easy example of that happened yesterday as we were driving over to Hilo.

Already about 30 minutes into our drive, we turn onto the Daniel K. I. Highway and see the sign at the turn says that the Fire Risk is Extremely High.  How conflicting is that sign considering that everything is wet and we were in Flash Flood warning area? Keep in mind that this is a stretch of close to 50 miles with no “civilization” going over the mountain area with the exception of the military training camp, a playground which is a great way to break up the drive when you have little ones, and also currently the few resilient folks that are camping out on the lava fields because of what has been happening with Mauna Kea (check the local news if you want more details).

For those of us that drive there regularly, we know that the sign hasn’t changed in ages!  

How does one deal with the conflicting information and know what to believe in?  In this particular case, I do realize that fires can still happen when everything is soaking wet especially when there is lightning.  

This conflicting information got me to thinking.

How does a person deal with conflicting information when it comes to nutritional supplements?  

That is actually why, after spending some time studying and researching, I know I can trust the information that is coming from Shaklee. 


Don’t just take my word for it!  

The thing is, when I was a Chiropractic Assistant, I decided to further my education in the field of nutrition as I was noticing the impact it had on people’s health and also the healing process when injured.  Going back to school opened up the flood gates….

The flood gates of information and the flood gates of companies wanting to “recruit” me and even to have my very own brand of nutritional supplements in stores!  Wow! How cool would that be!!!!

I started weeding out the “suitors” by using what I and some of my friends now call “The Idiot Letter”

Basically, I ask 5 key questions and you would be amazed at how many companies did not reply or provided answers without actually answering the questions.  

The questions I used are:

  • What peer-reviewed studies do you have on your product? (Not simply from a library of ones available on the ‘ingredients’ they use.)

  • How much does your company spend annually on research, development and clinical studies?

  • What tests do you do on your raw ingredients in-house to ensure they are free from any trace of pesticides, herbicides and other toxins?

  • Do you test your products before AND after manufacture to ensure quality control?

  • Who creates the formulas for your product and how long does it take from inception to manufacture?

I am so glad that I inquired and did my due diligence.  Some of those companies that were “wooing” me have since been sued, ordered to cease productions, fined for improper business practices, false labeling, product safety issues, etc.

And I am even gladder (is that a word to say that I am even more glad?!?) to have chosen Shaklee for my personal health needs, my family’s…… and later down the road decided to affiliate myself with to represent this company. 

Is it perfect in every way?  I am sure that someone can find something to nit pick about.  And guess what…….I did so much nit picking that I was able to narrow my choice down to only one possible choice for me and my family.  That’s right! I found Shaklee to be the cream of the crop. The best of the best. Perfect even with it’s possible imperfections.

Do you want the Best of the Best like my friend Betsy who is the one dancing in the streets in the video at the bottom…..she is 81 in that video from a couple years back and hasnt slowed down one bit. Not sure how to get started? Here are 2 excellent ways.

  1. Take the Prove It Challenge for 30 days


  1. Take the HealthPrint Assessment for recommendations based on your needs and goals.

And until my next blog post……  BE the reason someone is smiling today! 

Make tomorrow amazing…..  It starts with You today!

Marie-anne  A.K.A. Mom

P.S. This is what 81 years young is like on Shaklee!

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