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Finding joy in times of fear

The first relationship you should care about is relationship with yourself. Some might think of this as selfish. However, if you are not at your best, then most likely, you are not in a place of joy.

For example, let’s take the fear from this pandemic the world is experiencing…this fear has caused the call for “social distancing,” which I’m sure you’ll agree should have been called “physical distancing.” The reason being that in times like a pandemic, it’s critical to continue socializing and not be paralyzed by fear!

Socializing can be done in many forms such as:

  • phone calls

  • texts

  • emails

  • greeting cards

  • virtual meetings

Not to mention meeting outside with “physical distancing.”

I want to introduce you to Barry Shore! He shares how paralysis from fear comes in many forms, such as:

  • 1.Physical

  • 2.Mental

  • 3.Spiritual

For sure, when we succumb to fear, we are paralyzed to the point of not being able to find joy, let alone give joy.

>> Listen in as Barry Shore, the founder of The Joy of Living Institute, shares his three-dimensional process to overcome paralysis from fear, and the three T’s of how to find and keep yourself in a state of joy. <<

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