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87% of what we see and hear is negative.

With that said, looking for the silver lining in times of challenge is difficult, especially with so much negativity around us all the time! We’ve all heard the saying, look at a glass as half full instead of half empty, however, creating habits of prosperity is more about who’s filling up the glass! Good habits are formed by the choices we make daily, especially important when looking for the silver lining during a pandemic like we are experiencing throughout the world today. It’s super critical for you to make a conscious decision to fill up your own glass of possibilities for prosperity. Enter ‘Gamification Systems’ that help us to create good habits for prosperity. Gamification of daily activities will enhance our experience and help us to create good habits that keep us consistent with productive activities in any sales position, business, and any industry! Let me introduce you to Super Dave Smith, he is a master at creating systems to encourage habits and create prosperity even during pandemic times. Super Dave teaches us how, in today’s technology-filled world, gamification will change the way you find success in sales by:

  • Keeping things simple

  • Creating daily habits

Two things you can live by! >> Tune in as Super Dave shares how systems will go a long way in creating habits for success and prosperity. <<

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