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Getting married…..The Yes! Dress

When there is a will….there is a way!

The gym I go to has televisions on just about all the exercise machines.  I mostly use the treadmill now that I have killed the one we had at home as I used it to train for 2 marathons!  With those tv sets, I have been seeing bits and pieces of so many different shows I never knew existed.

One of those shows is about brides looking for their Yes Dress!   So basically…. brides go into this store and it has dresses like there is no tomorrow!   So many that I would not know where to start.  Then, there are the challenges of budgets, opinions of the mother of the bride,  friends or even the church group!  And, of course, what does the bride have in mind and what the wedding location is like……for example while scuba diving!?!

And so the job of the consultants in that bridal shop is to help the bride find the dress that they say “Yes!” to by overcoming all imaginable obstacles and objections.  And when there is a will, there is a way…… and every single bride left knowing they they had found their “Yes Dress”!

When it comes to business….

What do you do to find that “Yes Dress” a.k.a. Your Yes Business! ……

And what do you do after finding Your Yes Business……..what ever that might be?

To start your “Yes Dress”…or Your Yes Business!

That one business that feels like it is the perfect fit….

That one business that resonates and aligns with your core values….

That one business that you can live, eat, breathe……everyday…….

That one business that can even get you sooooooo on fire that you can’t sit still in a chair…….

That one business that you would do even if you made no money from it because you know the impact that your products or services make in your life and the life of those around you……..


  • there is a financial investment …..

  • There is time commitment….

  • There is the Not Giving Up when things don’t go as planned…..

  • There is the ongoing learning….

No matter which business is your “Yes Dress”…….I am positive that there are workshops and possibly conferences that require some type of investment on your part and may also demonstrate challenges in order for you to participate.  Those events are important for you to make a priority because

  1. You surround yourself with like minded people

  2. You get to meet others who have more experience than you and can mentor you thru hurdles

  3. You create life long friendships

  4. You can build an additional support team thru the contacts you make

  5. Those events are for your benefit so take advantage of them!

When there is a will…..there is a way!  Always block off those events on your calendar, even if you are brand new in your business and have no idea yet how you will make it happen.  That is the

very first step. If you don’t block them off…….there is a 99% chance you will never go.  Then…..look at what it will take to make it a reality.  Do you need to:

  • Request time off work?

  • Find child care

  • Get a plane ticket?

  • Raise the funds for a plane ticket?

  • Where will you stay?  Hotel room?  Will you share a room?

  • Get a passport if international?

  • Put aside a blessing fund to help someone else along that journey?

  • Raise funds for your place to stay?

  • What about meals and possibly some fun money?

Just like those brides who found their “Yes Dress” but had hurdles to overcome such as being way off their budget or their dress not being to other’s liking……they found a way to make their “Yes Dress” a reality. 

And sometimes…..it took the intervention of the Consultant who was there to make sure that the brides got exactly what they wanted for their special day ???

Are you looking for Your Yes Business? Let’s chat.

Make tomorrow amazing….. It starts with You today!

Marie-anne A.K.A. Mom

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