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Going on the Survivor TV Show!

My girlfriend and I have been auditioning to be on the Survivor TV show, pretty much since the very start. 

It used to be a huge packet to fill out……very lengthy questionnaire along with a video tape audition to submit. 

We’ve done all sorts of fun things for our videos and had many ideas, not all of which we ended up doing.  Getting tattooed.  Hula Hooping on the side of the road with a sign “Honk to Vote me onto Survivor”  Video montages from caves to the beach. The P.A.I.N. acronym, etc.   

One of the questions that used to be on the questionnaire was “Which luxury item would you want to bring?” 

My automatic “Go To” answer is Basic-H2……well back when I started applying, it was Basic-H which is still available in buckets & barrels.  It is now twice as concentrated hence the name change. 

Why would I pick THAT as my luxury item? 

Well there are so many ways to use this organic, all purpose cleaner.  I actually had some friends who took it with them on a mission trip when they needed to pack as little as possible so whatever they took, it had to be versatile and something that would not cause any harm and biodegradable.  They were able to do their laundry, wash dishes, wash themselves and still reuse the grey water to water the plants to grow a garden……and the cool thing was that it also kept bugs away from the plants!  Keep in mind, those are not company tested & recommended uses of this product.  Those are just some of the ways we have been using it at our own discretion.   

I love my Basic-H2.  Whether it is the original formula or the one that is twice as concentrated, I have used it for so many things.  Lipstick on mirrors, mopping up the floors, washing the car……..anything to clean, that’s what I use.  And if it need to disinfect, then I use Basic-G

(Image by Renee H)

Unconventional ways that I have personally used it include removing hospital dressing and to keep mosquitoes from biting……they land on me but then don’t bite! 

With how versatile it is, you can see why that would be my Survivor Luxury item!  And, it’s kind of nice that it is the product that was chosen for the Biosphere Project, Cousteau Society, and back in 1960, Basic-H was one of the first environmentally safe household cleaners on the market. Today, millions of bottles later, it’s more loved than ever. Efficient, powerful, safe, biodegradable, and economical, Basic-H is the world’s most versatile cleaner, period. Sixteen ounces makes up to 90 gallons to clean hard surfaces, woodwork, walls, floors, glass, mirrors, even cars. Anything you can clean with water, you can clean with Basic-H. No wonder it was named an official Earth Day product. 

So while I have not made it onto the show yet, my list of luxury items keeps on growing!  Now I also want to bring a notebook with unlined pages and pencils…..so I can write notes and draw.  I guess it is like packing for a trip.  If I start to pack too early, then I keep adding more and more. 

What would your luxury item be? 

Make tomorrow amazing…..  It starts with You today! 

Marie-anne  A.K.A. Mom 

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