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Got PROMOTED and didn’t know it!

Imagine my surprise when I prepared for my Wednesday morning meetings and as I check all my stats……I go……. Eeeeeeeeee! Full on squeal! Promotion!

Right off the bat, I replay in my brain wondering what I did that was different. I have a full plate helping others build their dreams (yep….I have multiple jobs) so focusing on my own dreams and goals is very part time. I have done nothing different! I am aligned with 2 different network marketing companies that make my heart pitter patter. I focus on 3 simple steps that I know I can do on a regular basis…..no matter what. The activities haven’t changed, however my time has slightly shifted to where I have been able to do just a little bit more of those simple 3 activities. “Funny” thing, I listen to a good amount of personal development, inspirational, motivational and

business development podcasts, videos, etc……and I don’t remember which one it was last week but the speaker said that you need to do something 10,000 times before you notice that things start to shift. AND…..last week was when I did one of my activites for the 10,000nd time! Yes, as a business owner, there are certain things that I track.

So get this……this past Wednesday, I got PROMOTED!!!! BUT……I am also a hair away from a different company recognition! BAM! Now, the thing is, Yes……I know I could have achieved this way faster. After all, I personally know plenty of people who have achieved this in a month and even less. And that does not matter. My life isn’t the same as theirs.

What matters is that I focus on my consistency of actions that will get me to my destination. I pick my pace based on my availability. What are your GROWTH producing activities? What is YOUR pace? YOUR CHOICES! That is the beauty of network marketing! Make tomorrow amazing….. It starts with YOU today! Marie-Anne A.k.a. Mom

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