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Have you experienced this type of Emotional Release?

What an experience that was yesterday!  Volunteered for the Honu Triathlon race where the athletes are swimming 1.2 miles, then biking 56 miles and finally running 13.1 miles.  It is an Ironman qualifier race so the distances are cut in half (and so is the cut off time).  Being a catcher/medal giver can be an intense position to be volunteering at……from an emotional standpoint, in my opinion.


Super stoked to be there as a friend crossed the finish line….her next big race IS Ironman!!!   This was a warm up race for her.  Watching the video, I realize that I do not hold back my excitement and that’s just how I am. Actually, I have been know to also do the Xena warrior princess shrill (or whatever it is called) and also lose my voice by the end of these exciting events.

While I have not done races of such distance (26.2 miles has been my max), I could relate to the emotions of the moment.  My last marathon took every I had in me to complete and the tears of joy (and relief) when I crossed that finish line! 

Yesterday, we had athletes crossing the finish line looking almost as fresh as when they started! 

Some collapsed in sheer exhaustion once they were done.  And there was a wide range in between.  There were two athletes that I really felt the intensity of the moment for. 

One was a female athlete that went down just moments before crossing the finish line.  Cheering her on as she struggled to get back on her feet and run, yes, run across the finish line.  The elation as another volunteer put the medal around her neck and the tears were flowing. 

The other athlete was an elderly gentleman from Japan.  He had metal braces on both legs.  After receiving his medal, he bent over and started loudly weeping as another volunteer removed his timing chip.  I hand one hand on his back and the other holding his arm ready in case he needed someone to brace him for stability.  The medical team came over to see if he was alright or needed help.  He kept on pointing at his braces and repeated “excited” “excited”.  He had pushed thru so many limits that others accept to be limitations.

(A Nene came to get some ice that had been spilled! Sure was a HOT day!)

I can say I have the same reaction in business.  Yep…..I have had some major emotional moments watching friends accomplish stepping stones, goals and overcoming challenges. Cheering on and celebrating others which is one of the reasons why I get so excited about two events that I will be traveling for.  The Shaklee Global Conference in Las Vegas is hosted by Shaklee and The One Thing which includes the Leadership Summit in Salt Lake City is hosted by Send Out Cards.

Not only will I be cheering on, I will also be there to learn and grow.  Won’t you join me? I would love to cheer you on and celebrate your milestones with the same enthusiasm as in the video!

Make tomorrow amazing….. It starts with You today!

Marie-anne A.K.A. Mom

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