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He Said – She Said – They Said

AArghH!  I have no idea on where to even start!  Does that sound familiar? Do you know someone that wants to make healthier choices and getting bombarded by so much information that they don’t know where to even begin?  Maybe that someone is you!

There is all the “He Said – She Said – They Said”.  There is information out there based on un-researched data.  There is information out there based on partial data. There is the shared information that is based in biased data that can be traced back to funding. And there is information found in peer-reviewed studies.

Let’s get right to the nity gritty as to why you want to ask and look for published peer-reviews.

Peer-Reviewed studies is where you will find data that has been subjected to much scrutiny by other experts in the same field before the work gets published in journals, etc.  The thing is with these types of studies is that the results of the other experts can be proving the original studies to be completely wrong………or 100% correct!

With over 100 published scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, Shaklee’s commitment to

science is unparalleled in the industry.  All these peer-reviewed studies proved that Shaklee’s beyond organic products are not just safe but also effective which is part of the Shaklee guarantee.

For a list of all the studies and science resources that are the back bone of Shaklee’s long term success and quality assurance, check out  https://healthresource.shaklee.com/

If you read last week’s blog about sending an Idiot Letter, you know how to do your own asking and checking into nutritional supplement companies.

Now that you know all the science backing Shaklee’s quality, do you want the Best of the Best…..the Cream of The Crop for yourself and those you love?  There is actually more to it which I will probably go into more details in a future blog however if you want to read about it for yourself, it is all available for your review.

Not sure how to get started? Here are 2 excellent ways.

  1. Take the Prove It Challenge for 30 days

  2. Take the HealthPrint Assessment for recommendations based on your needs and goals.

And until my next blog post……  BE the reason someone is smiling today! 

Make tomorrow amazing…..  It starts with You today!  Marie-anne A.K.A. Mom

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