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How the heck did I end up with $6000 in my hands!?!

You might have watched my video about it where I talk that it is not a brag.  Plain and simple, it came from having a Plan Of Action, Focus and Teamwork. 

It’s the kind of cash that I wasn’t about to use to go on a shopping spree but instead send off to pay down our mortgage as it is our family’s goal to be mortgage free in less than 3 years from now. 

So how did I end up with all that cash on my hands anyways?  You might have heard about Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” story/book/videos and the 4 Financial quadrant. 

E = Employee = exchanging time for money at a job working for someone else

SE = Self Employed = you run a solo business and if there is no work/clients, there is no money coming in

BO = Business Owner = You have a system that has the potential to generate residual income if done right

I = Investor = your money works to earn more money

To get back to the “How” question, my husband and I follow a plan if action that involves putting a certain amount aside each time money comes in.  That money goes into a savings account as it is used for things like college,  private school tuition, and blasting thru our mortgage.  I realize there are other ways to do it.  This is how we do it because it works for us. 

Where does this $6000 money come from?  We are actually in all 4 of the Financial Quadrants.  That’s right…..all 4!  Because we have a plan!

E = We both have a job where we exchange our time for money.  The only way to earn more, is to work more.  If we get sick, take time off, get laid off, have furlough, don’t go to work……we don’t get paid.

SE =  I am self employed in the medical/insurance industry.  If I have no assignments or clients……I don’t earn a dime.

BO = I am a Business Owner!  As I build on a part-time basis, I am developing residual income and each month, as I build more so does the residual income and the tax deductions.  This is the type of income that even happens when I sleep sometimes because of how I am building it!  I have chosen 2 companies to affiliate myself with that I actually weave together as they are complimentary to each other. I started using Shaklee products over 20 years ago and as my business grew, I always wanted to say Thank You and share my appreciation to those that are part of my Shaklee ohana……So, I started using Send Out Cards and that turned into an additional stream of residual income!  A win-win for me…..products and services that I love and use….and I earn money at the same time!

I = Yes, we invest as well.  While we do not touch our investments for paying off the mortgage faster, it is a sounds plan for our future and from a tax standpoint as well.

As you look at the Quadrant, which section are you in?

Are you wondering what it would be like to be a Shaklee or SendOutCards Business Owner that builds and receives growing residual income?  Let’s chat!

Make tomorrow amazing….. It starts with You today!

Marie-anne A.K.A. Mom

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