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How to be successful as an individual, but more importantly as a team

Does teamwork make the dream work? It sure does!

However, success begins with each of our individual qualities such as:

  1. Listening

  2. Patience

  3. Discipline

  4. Partnership

Most notably, taking personal responsibility for our part inspires team success.

There is no one more fit to teach us about team success as 'Lady Magic' herself Nancy Lieberman!

Nancy Lieberman is the who's who of basketball and known as for being a:

  1. Basketball Hall of Famer

  2. Two-time Olympian

  3. First-ever female BIG3 head coach

  4. Second female assistant NBA coach

  5. Philanthropic leader

  6. Proud mom

  7. International motivational speaker

Nancy Lieberman has been defying the odds since she was a young girl playing basketball in Harlem and is the youngest Olympian basketball player in American history to take home medals.

Listen and learn how to inspire team success inside this fantastic interview with Nancy Lieberman. You won't forget this experience listening to "Lady Magic," a pioneer for women's sports. >> Listen Here <<

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