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How to create a comfortable sales environment to increase customer sales

Here's the hardcore truth about hardcore sales...

"If you don't have customers, you have no business" - Larry Levine, author of “Selling From The Heart.”

It's true, the more comfortable you make someone feel, the more comfortable they are to open up to you!

Creating a comfortable sales environment is about caring, having a give to give attitude, and inviting the customer and prospect into unique conversations.

These unique conversations start with off the wall questions that:

  1. Grab the prospect's attention

  2. Puts the focus on the prospect

  3. Makes them feel comfortable

  4. Inspires them to open up…

…to you, as a person, not a salesperson.

In short, Larry Levine calls this selling from the heart!

>>>Watch this informative interview to learn Larry's secret to making your prospects feel comfortable, thereby increasing sales by closing that awkward gap between salesperson and buyer<<<

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