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I got a target shooting lesson from an Olympic Athlete

There is always something exciting happening!  Right now, we have a friend that earned a racing spot for the World Championship Ironman Triathlon.  I’ve had the thought years ago of “how awesome it would be” for me to race and then I laughed!  Ha! Ha! Ha!  I have no desire to swim in the ocean for 2.4 miles with over 1500 other athletes like sardines being shot out of a cannon, bike 112 miles baking in the sun surrounded by old, black lava fields that make it even hotter and then run a full 26.2 Marathon………. all in a single day!  That’s one race I gladly will stay on the volunteer side of the finish line.

Now something I find fun is target shooting.  While I do not own such a weapon, I did have the pleasure of meeting and getting a target shooting lesson with Ismael Marcelo Hernández Uscanga.  He is the first Shaklee athlete representing Mexico. He earned a bronze medal in Rio in the Modern Pentathlon, a skill-strength-speed-endurance event that requires complete nutrition. “The Shaklee Life Plan includes the supplements an athlete needs,” said Ismael.

In addition to the Life Plan, his other favorite Shaklee products are the Advanced Joint Health Complex, Energy Chews, Physique, Enfuselle SPF 30 Sunscreen (yep, Shaklee’s sunscreen is reef safe, planet safe and people safe!), and the Life Energizing Shake.

I also got to meet pentathlete and Beijing Games competitor, Eli Bremer, while we were doing a fundraiser 5K event for ShakleeCares.

Eli Bremer and some of the Shaklee powered athletes – 144 gold, silver and bronze medals and counting for Shaklee Powered Olympians!

Pretty cool knowing that these athletes choose Shaklee products because they work but also because they can use them with complete confidence that there are no unwanted ingredients.  Some of the athletes crashed our private reception and we were so glad they did.  Did you know that they can be tested for illegal substances (illegal per competition standards) at the drop of a hat, even 3 times a week!  Their title and livelihood is at stake.  Plenty athletes have been disqualified from competing in the Olympics because they were taking vitamins that contained ingredients not listed on the label! 

How crazy is that! 

Hurley sisters …..next BIG Fencing event for them is the Tokyo Games in 2020

You might actually be aware that the New York Attorney General’s Office had sent cease and desist letters to major retailers for allegedly misleading the public as to what they were buying when it comes to supplements.  Investigations are finding contaminants as well as missing ingredients…….including the main ingredients!  You can check it out yourself.  Attorney General Eric Schneiderman stated that it poses unacceptable risks, especially those with allergies to those hidden ingredients.  If the makers of the supplements fail to identify all the ingredients on a product label, a consumer with food allergies, or who is taking medication, is taking a potential serious health risk every time those supplement are ingested.   The investigation included products that are available at GNC, Target, Walgreens and Walmart.

So think about it from an athlete’s standpoint.  You can see why they choose Shaklee because of the guarantee that they will get 100% of what is listed on the label…..nothing less and no unlisted ingredients either!  And it’s reassuring that Shaklee exceeds pharmaceutical standards and that going beyond organic is important as organic is simply of way of growing…..important, yet there is more to quality ingredients besides how it is grown.

If you are currently taking vitamins and herbal supplements, let’s chat about switching to the Shaklee brand where you know you are guaranteed 100% potency, purity and safety!

Make tomorrow amazing….. It starts with You today!

Marie-anne A.K.A. Mom

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