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I bet that is not something you hear every day.  But it is true.  I have so many reasons to love tax seasons!  I am not a tax preparer so I won’t be talking tax advice or anything like that.

This is a super swamped time of year for my Enrolled Agent.  For me…….my job when it comes to taxes is to make sure my bookkeeping is all in order and she does the rest.  That is super important since a traditional type of job has all the taxes deducted before we get what’s left of our paycheck, but here as a home-based business owner, I get to deduct expenses first and then pay the IRS taxes on the rest!

Every year, it’s the same excitement for me…..

I can’t get over that I qualify for deductions such as

  • electric bill

  • Mileage for driving my car (even got an app too keep track of my miles for me)

  • Telephone

  • Home repairs

  • Water

  • Eating out

  • Traveling

  • And so much more, ’cause that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Some are 100% deductible and some are partial deductions.  But, as long as I have all my bookkeeping done, my EA knows which one is what…….and on top of that, she also takes the time to ask me questions just in case there are additional things that can be deducted that are new that I didn’t know I could.

What can I say……I LOVE TAX SEASON

Make tomorrow amazing….. It starts with You today!

Marie-anne A.K.A. Mom

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