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I wasn’t ready.

Who is ever ready for getting sick…..right?!?

Well, actually, I usually have some arsenals in my “medicine” chest for those few times a year when I feel something coming on.

That normally does the trick for me where I will go ahead and make tea with it and I might drink 8 cups of it over a period of the day depending on how I am feeling……but  by the next day, it is like nothing ever happened or just a couple days of residuals like having a deeper voice for example.

But this time was different than any other time.  I did not have it in my medicine chest and now I

totally regret not restocking.  

While I got over the brunt of it within a couple of days, I still am experiencing residuals and it has been over a week!  I am still getting a little cough which I am finding quite irritating especially because I love to talk! Ha ha ha!

I reckon, I have been burning the candle at both ends and in the middle temporarily so that did not help……and I did not miss a single marathon training session (I’m at the very beginning of my training), but still, I am soooooo not accustomed to being under the weather for so long and having a cough that lingers that long either.

Since I didn’t have my normal arsenals, I kranked up my vitamin C intake with some fresh, organic, locally grown lemons.  And when I say kranked up……I mean that I drank strong lemon water with no sweetener added. Pucker up kind of strong! The only thing I added besides water was some apple cider vinegar.  

If you ever make fresh squeezed lemon juice with a hand juicer, make sure you don’t cut yourself as that stings like H-E-double hockey sticks!  

After this whole experience, you can bet your patootie that I am restocking on Vitalized Immunity.  Not only does it give me the amount of Vitamin C found in the equivalent of 16 oranges in each fiz tab, but it also has a wonderful blend of immune supporting botanicals.  And, the cool think about making a tea out of it by dissolving in warm water is that it releases the orange oils which coat the throat as you drink it for a wonderful soothing experience.

Get yourself some Vitalized Immunity to keep in your Medicine Chest and, of course, staying healthy starts with a good foundation.

Do you want the Best of the Best…..the Cream of The Crop for yourself and those you love?  Not sure how to get started? Here are 2 excellent ways.

  1. Take the Prove It Challenge for 30 days


  1. Take the HealthPrint Assessment for recommendations based on your needs and goals.

And until my next blog post……  BE the reason someone is smiling today! 

Make tomorrow amazing…..  It starts with You today! 

Marie-anne  A.K.A. Mom 

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