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It’s a roller coaster ride!

The traditional business model is the same as being a network marketing professional. In the sense that they are both like a roller coaster ride.

It takes work and dedication.  At first it is planning out what design you want your roller coaster to look like (which business are you going to build?)…..then you have to build your track (goals, strategies & actions steps planning)….and you have to put your caboose on the track (take action) as you start on that first uphill.

Unfortunately…..pushing that caboose uphill is where the majority will quit.  I have seen people quit for a number of reasons such as:

  • Expecting instant gratification money while sleeping type of success

  • Setting unrealistic goals…yes, I know….if you shoot for the moon you will land among the stars…..I’m not saying not to have BIG Goals…..having stepping stones makes a huge difference.

  • Not having a passion for the product(s) and/or service(s)

  • Not having belief down to one’s core fibers in the business model, or products/services

  • Expecting to make money before putting in the time

No matter what you choose to do for a living……especially as a network marketing professional….

..choose something that can be built thru consistency and that you would do even if you made absolutely no money from.  Here are some of the lessons I have personally learned over time.

  • Be a product of the products or service!

  • Be your first and best customer

  • Help others based on their wants not yours

  • Appreciation, gratitude and kindness towards all is more impactful than you can imagine

  • Set your plan of action that will move your business toward your goals (not other people’s goals)

  • Be & Feel good with where your business is at…..if you aren’t……what changes do you need to make to your daily activities and plan of action?!?

  • Accept that we each have our own timing

  • Pause once in a while and look back…..celebrate every small push and action in the right direction…and then keep going

  • Do not compare…..your hill is different from anyone else’s

I am in love with the network marketing profession.  I can build a business on a very part time

basis as I do have a regular job and a traditional business as well.  I am pushing my roller coaster caboose uphill. 

Yes!  It is work.

Yes!  I am making it up the hill at a slow AND steady pace.

Yes!  I can quit anytime but why would I even want to do that?!?

Yes!  When I reach the specific goal that I have set for myself….my caboose will have enough momentum where I will be able to put my hands up and enjoy the ride……and my focus will then be to fuel the engine as needed to keep the momentum while I help others design and build their own roller coaster rides.

Yes!  The more I push that gigantic feeling first uphill, the more my monthly residual income grows.

Yes!  I have some days when I feel like I can’t see the top of my hill while other days I have clear visibility where not only do I have clear sight of where the top is……but I also see what the rest of the the ride looks like. 

Yes!  I love what I do ? and I love riding roller coasters with friends. Want to hop on?

Make tomorrow amazing….. It starts with You today!

Marie-anne A.K.A. Mom

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