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Journaling Writer’s Block

I don’t you about you and how you feel about journaling. For me, it is something I have wanted to do for quite some time…..and just had that writer’s block of not knowing how to even start. I even have the note on my wall that says to Journal for 100 days. And, I was gifted a beautiful journal……which is the same that I had been gifting to others because I felt it was just the perfect gift for my family, friends and business associates!

What do I do when I want to get something done and I am “stuck”? I look it up or ask. Since I have a good group of friends that journal, I asked for help and got some wonderful suggestions.

Basically, a good way to start is by asking yourself some questions about what kind of focus you want to have with journaling. Is it business, personal, spiritual, etc. Once you know what focus or intention you have, then ask yourself more questions. There is no cookie-cutter way to do it. Those questions you ask yourself are a perfect way to start. Answer yourself by writing down that question and answering yourself like a normal conversation!

One of my friends asked me what focus I wanted to have and being an eclectic person, I was just about a “Yes! for all the directions or focusses she mentioned.

The thing is, asking for help did help me to remove the block I had in my own thoughts. I decided to start with “I am” statements that I did last year during a 6 week workshop. That alone is going to get the ink flowing on the paper. I have an index card that I keep in my daily planner (yes, I plan my time and activities in an old-fashioned paper planner). That card is for my “I am” statements and have been reading them and adding more to the card.

This morning was my first morning of journaling. It was almost like setting up for the next scene and I made sure the stage was set and props were ready. I had my morning detox lemonade (24 oz Get Clean Filtered Water, lemon or lime juice from one fruit, a pinch of cayenne pepper, 1 stick Energizing Tea, one scoop of Hydrate Performance and sometimes also a teaspoon of Vivix). I grabbed my new, black & gold, ornated with the Tree of Life journal and I opened to the first crisp, smooth page. I pulled out the refillable fountain pen that another friend gifted, which by the way is the only writing instrument we were allowed to write with when I was a little girl in Europe. And it was time to say “Action!”

I chose to write down the first “I am” statement from the index card and asked myself questions

to elaborate on exactly what that statement meant to me and to get more specific.

Well guess what!?! In barely moments, the whole page was filled!

That was day 1 of journaling and I have many more pages to go.

If you want a journal like this one, I can tell you where to get it from and do keep in mind that it is available while supplies lasts. It was available in white, black and also red and it looks like the inventory is getting low.

Until next time…

Make tomorrow amazing….. It starts with You today!

Marie-anne A.K.A. Mom

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