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Learn how proper storytelling is effective when it comes getting people to take action now

Would you like a 74 percent increase in getting people to take action now?

Well, there is an art to persuasion when it comes to selling and proper storytelling is a huge factor!

I want you to meet Christopher Kai, the world’s leading authority in story-based leadership. He’s also a Fortune 100 global speaker, a bestselling author and the founder of GPS. 

Impressively his clients include:

  •  Google

  • American Express

  • Discover

  • New York Life

  • Merrill Lynch

  • Farmers Insurance

  • Bank of America

  • U.S. Consulate

His four main keynotes teach:

  • Story-based Leadership 

  • Team Building 

  • Sales Mastery 

  • Connection

  • Communication

  • Persuasion

Learning how to effectively tell your:

  • Personal story

  • Professional story

  • Client stories

All of which help you increase your sales now!

Don’t just take my word for it!

>> Join Christopher in the interview below to learn how to effectively persuade people with storytelling to take action now! <<

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