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Masks & Mimosas…with a twist!

This is perfect for some self pampering, a sunday morning R & R or some hang out time with the besties.  This is also a for-sure to-do also on trips for a girls night in and on my list for my next trip!

Planning ahead, you will need to get your ingredients for the mimosas and your choice of mask.  Let’s start with what you will need to make mimosas.

These are the ratios for making 1 so how much you need depends on how many people are there.

3/4 cup champagne, chilled 1/4 cup orange juice….And if you want to get fancy, use mango juice instead! Ice cubes as you wish

Alright mask options!  Personally, I like to rotate between these two…….and once in a while, I combine the two!  Click >> here<<  to order Hydrating Gel Mask ahead of time.  And click >>here<< to get the Purifying Clay Mask. By the way, these masks are vegan and gluten-free.

These are excellent for an Instant Facial in only 10 minutes which is just part of your R & R session…..(see the 49 second how-to video below) and if you are doing this with besties, you know you can hang out and have fun for hours on end.

You will feel gloriously refreshed.

Until next time…..

Make tomorrow amazing…..  It starts with You today! 

Marie-anne  A.K.A. Mom 

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