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Morocco – deuxième partie

What a fantastic experience Morocco was!  While all technology was left behind, I was full of questions when my son came home. 

Whizzing to get there, the students flew:  Hawaii to Los Angeles, California …….Los Angeles to Charles De Gaule (Paris)……Charles De Gaule to Casablanca, Morocco

Once they arrived in Casablanca, they headed to Bin El Ouidan which literally means “between the rivers” where they spent their first night and enjoyed Morocco’s national dish…..Tagine.  With just enough rest, the next morning started with a breakfast and savoring some Moroccan Mint tea before going on a tour boat to get a feel of their surroundings and get the 4-1-1 of what to expect the rest of the trip.

During their entire stay, the students experienced Berber Life in the Zawaiya Ahansai Valley of the High Atlas Mountains, the red city Marrakech, the Ozoude waterfalls, Souqs (open air markets), calligraphy class, cooking lesson, an Argon Oil farm, snake charmers, the European streets of Essaouira along with a surfing lesson where the fine, soft, sand stretched out with no end in sight and to their surprise, got to see their first in-person camels on the beach!  Before heading home, they all stopped again in Casablanca where they marveled at the breathtaking Hassan II Mosque which is the largest mosque in Africa and they also enjoyed dinner in a 17th century Portuguese castle.  All these are experiences the students will never forget.

Asking my son about which part was his favorite, besides all the flat bread, his favorite was spending time in the Altas Mountains.  While they stayed in the village, they got to help the community by digging up rocks to clear a field and by the end of those days, my son said he was so tired and sore that he had no problem falling asleep.  Part of their time there, they also did some teaching in the small school which was even smaller than my elementary school back in my days of living in France where we had 5 classrooms.  That village is where the Sheik and the Atlas cultural foundation leaders threw them a traditional Moroccan party which meant tea, bread, traditional dishes and desserts and of course what is a party without music and  dancing all the while the students wore djellabas.  Just imagine all the sounds, the colors and the smell of spices in the air!

Coming home as they left Cassablanca, they spent a night in Amsterdam where they had just enough time to go to the Van Gogh museum .

While in Morocco, there was always plenty of food to eat, even for vegetarians.  The food challenge only came up while flying.  It was as if the airlines tried way too hard to make special vegetarian dishes and he said only the fruit cup was edible!  Not that he would have starved, yet it was a good thing he had packed with him a box of Blueberry-Almond meal bars and Pomegranate Energizing Tea!  Easy to pack and travel with.

If you didn’t catch the part of how this Morocco trip came about, be sure to read the post from a couple weeks ago.

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