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No laptop allowed!

I am in the middle of traveling right now and I strive to be carry on only. This trip that I am on right now is for the Shaklee Global conference in Las Vegas followed with some R & R time with my bestie.

I have my carry on suitcase…..about half of it is gifts such as Molokai coffee! Then, I have my backpack that has some work I want to do and also my purse. As you can see, I am traveling light.

In the past I have also packed my laptop. But, since it is on it’s 9th life, I decided not to pack it as it probably can’t take the travel. I literally have it taped together to keep it together. Yes, 2019 is the year of the new computer for me!

So traveling without my laptop means that if I need to get any work done, I am strictly relying on my notebook, pen and smartphone. Basically….no laptop allowed!

While I have some things i will do when i get back, I am keeping business tasks to a minimum. I have been responding to emails and texts, facebook live, use my business apps and do my blogging! All from my phone!

We did have times when we had no reception and I enjoyed exploring, recording videos and

taking tons of photos! The photos and videos I have been posting on facebook and Instagram are the tip of the iceberg compared to how many I actually took!

Mineral baths • An oasis in the middle of the dessert.....a date farm • Charles Manson's hideout • Haunted opera house • Museums • Red Rock canyon • Chimpmunk • Jackrabbit • Iguanas • Burros

And all the food! From Paris to Rome…..The top of the world and down to Hell! Hung out with friends, did some good learning (science Symposium and more) and did some good eating! It is a good thing we also walked everywhere and that our hotel was soooooo big that it made it easy to get in all our steps and walk off what we ate!

And now……I am writing this blog as I wait to board my first plane of the day. Heading home for a bit before I go to Utah!

Make tomorrow amazing…..It starts with You today! Marie-anne A.K.A. Mom

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