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Not your average conversation with the hygienist!

I had my routine cleaning with the hygienist this week.  Always good to do preventative care of your teeth and gums….right? Yes.

So while I have my mouth open and he is using the different tools of the trade to clean my teeth, floss in between, the water squirter (very official name….I know), etc. I am not able to talk much and yet still able to sneak in a couple comments or engage in conversation.

As he carried on the majority of the conversation, I am learning about his former job where he was at for almost a decade until his employer retired.  He is sharing about his wife and children.  He is sharing about pros and cons about the mainland and why they moved here.  In between all that……came up the topic of septic tanks!

That’s right!  Septic tanks!

Wow!  How did the conversation get there!

Septic tanks……and needing to get them pumped regularly……EVEN EVERY 2 YEARS!!!!  Well, actually, it’s a different story at our house. We have been in our house for almost 18 years now and our septic tank is still fine while other folks in our neighborhood have had their pumped.  Oy Vey!  What a odoriffic situation!

The thing is……there are things we can do to help the health of a septic tank.  Our house uses septic safe cleaning products so whether we are cleaning the toilet, washing dishes or laundry, we know that what we are using is not only safe us, the environment, and our animals……but also for the septic tank!

So which cleaning products will you find around our house?

Besides all being effective, eco-friendly, people-friendly and septic-safe…….do you notice anything else?

That’s right!  Concentrated!  Why pay for watered down products when you can get the concentrated version, add your own water as needed, cut down on plastic packaging and save tons of money?!?

Well……if the hygienist hadn’t been cleaning my teeth which was keeping me from talking much…..

You can be that I would have shared all this with him!

Make tomorrow amazing….. It starts with You today!

Marie-anne A.K.A. Mom

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