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Pause vs Screeching Halt

Sometimes, we just need to press that Pause Button!

Life is constantly changing for sure and with what is happening around the world right now, changes are happening in ways some people have never thought ever to be possible!

How do we handle all those changes?

How do we move forward?

We are all different and yet, one thing that I can think of that can apply to everyone, is that Pause Button.

Yes, it is important to move forward, not let these changes deter us from living life…..and living life to the fullest, whatever that may be for each of us.

And with that said, some of us, need to press that Pause Button. Now keep in mind…….there is a difference between the Pause Button and coming to a screeching Halt!

Pausing for a brief period gives us the space to collect our thoughts, evaluate the best plan for moving forward……and allows us to process what is happening in our lives, what is happening around the world, realize what we control and let go of the things we can’t.

Having a routine, even when in Pause Mode, also helps to prevent accidentally pressing that Screeching Halt Button…..and having an understanding that Pause is temporary along with having the mind set of when one will Un-Pause!

Is it a specific amount of time? And keeping that Pause as brief as possible…..otherwise it can too easily become a Halt.

Is it upon completion of something that needs your Pause Mode to be on for other things in life?

What are you doing during that Pause?

What are you going to do to come out of the Pause Mode?

What helps me when I need to go on Pause Mode is to have an accountability partner and/or a friend that I talk with on a regular basis. For me, I actually have some that I converse with almost daily and at the very least, once a week on a set day and time. This is someone (or a group) that has your best interest at heart……….that does not judge, that listens, that holds you to what you say you are going to do, doesn’t let you chicken out, that encourages, gives you good kick if you need it……and knows when you are spiralling down or are full of sh*t.

This is very powerful both for daily life and business.

I personally needed to press that Pause Button in business in order to focus on self-care to a higher degree than usual. Having that accountability with friends and business partners, is helping to me speed up the time I need to be in Pause/Self-Care Mode and is helping me to mentally prepare to Re-Start without having lost any momentum.

I know exactly where I was in life & business when I pressed Pause and now I know exactly what I am going to do now that I am pressing Re-Start.

Until Next Time…. Make Tomorrow Amazing…. It starts with You today! Marie-anne a.k.a. Mom

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