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Relationships take work but they’re worth it!

It's a cold, cold world of technology, and let's face it, the use of technology is increasing every day!

One thing for sure, we know technology is never going away, and most everybody would probably agree they want it to stay.

However, I believe the challenge here is not the word technology, but the word “cold.”

So with that said, how do we warm up our online relationships or even offline relationships and build a rapport that will continue to develop relationships and opportunities in business?

Remember, relationship development is so important when making friends, and being genuinely interested is essential!

In order to build warm lasting relationships in business, we must find ways to authentically keep in touch and let our customers and prospects know we genuinely care.

Here are some ideas for developing lasting business relationships authentically with current customers and prospects:

  1. Anniversaries: Show appreciation for a customer yearly on the date they became your customer.

  2. Celebrate birthdays: This is one of the most important dates in a person's life, and everyone loves to feel celebrated on their birthday.

  3. Thank you’s: Saying thank you (whether or not someone makes a purchase) is crucial if you ever want future business and referrals.

  4. Holiday greetings: Sending holiday greeting cards is a powerful way to remind customers and prospects you're grateful for and wish them the best in the new year.

  5. Nice to meet you: Follow up messages after meeting with a candidate is a great way to stay top of mind and reopen a conversation.

  6. Random acts of kindness: Often, we think of someone randomly, and that's when it's essential to let them know you are thinking of them.

  7. Recognizing challenges: When you see or hear about someone struggling with a challenge, make sure to reach out in support of them, this could make all the difference they may need.

  8. Triumphs: A quick phone call, text message, or handwritten note celebrating this triumph will make a positive impact on your relationship.

  9. Meeting up in person: Getting together in person builds an understanding of who someone is when you see them and listen to them face to face.

  10. Checkups: When someone purchases a service or product from you, checking in with them can make sure their questions are answered and their needs are met.

Most importantly, be genuine and show interest in the people who do business with you; this is how you develop relationships that will grow into other business opportunities.

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