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Self-Limiting Beliefs: Empower your inner badass!

What self-limiting demons are holding you back from being the badass you were meant to be?

Well, I can say without a doubt, that the most important relationship of all is with oneself!

For sure, there is no way to lift and empower others if we aren’t confident in ourselves.

This is why I’m so excited to share the interview below with Erin Baer.

Erin is a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault who shares her story of grace and grit on her way to recovery inside her book From Beaten To Badass.”

Erin is a thriving entrepreneur, living her passion as an:

  1. author

  2. speaker

  3. empowerment coach

>> Join Erin Baer and Kody Bateman in the interview below as Erin shares how you can live up to your inner badass by empowering you to shake your inner demons and build self-confidence! <<

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