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Stay-cation for Graduation

Our youngest just graduated from High School and with family in town, decided to do a mini staycation.

Well…..I did respond to 1 business related text and 1 phone call.   The rest will be taken care of

next week.  Now….not taking care of business doesn’t mean that business wasn’t happening.

Emails have been coming through about orders being placed and processed as well as new customer notifications.  Two of the great things about having this type of online business…

  • We offer products and service that others love to use on a regular basis just like I do

  • Some of our customers like to take care of their own orders themselves and those who prefer to get help, they understand that I am on staycation mode and will be available after the staycation is over.

While I am not working, I am my own consumer from the vitamins and energy tea and even using our phone app to send free photo graduation cards to family that couldn’t make it.

Well….I am going cut it short today.  We are hanging out at the real local farmers market (I say real because there is one where we actually saw the “farmers” remove sticker labels off the fruits and veggies!!!), going to Alii gardens shops which is a nice area to buy locally made art, jewelry, food and more!

Make tomorrow amazing….. It starts with You today!

Marie-anne A.K.A. Mom

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