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Aloha Aloha and Aloha! 

Going to Nevada for Shaklee’s Global conference was an adventure in a good way.    I had blocked off some extra time also for fun. 

But before I get to the extras that I did, let’s do a quick review of the main updates: 

  1. There is a slight increase in prices which makes sense with the rising costs of the raw materials, etc……and I believe it has been about 10 years since the last little increase. 

  2. Shipping rates simplified! It is now a flat $8…….or FREE when your order is $150 or more!  Are you doing the Happy dance yet?  I know I am.  (P.S. This is for members only, not distributors…..we have have something different for us) 

  3. Loyalty Rewards!  Sweet added perks for you!  This is a Thank You to You for having your goodies on authorship. All Shaklee Ohana Members can earn up to 15% back in points on consecutive qualifying authorship orders of $100 or more.  The longer you participate, the greater the rewards.  Each point earned is $1 towards Shaklee products.  This means you are already saving 15% as a member and now you can get up to 15% more as points towards free products!   Start banking your reward points now and redemption will start in January 2020 so you get a headstart.  

  4. Birthday Surprise!  Starting January 2020, you will get a free product during your birthday month when you place an auto ship order of $100 or more!  So you will be getting Loyalty Reward Points, 15% discount as a member and a Birthday gift! 

  5. And the best for last…..You have heard me talk about the importance of basic nutrition.  Doing the Strip-N-Shake everyday for that good, strong nutrition foundation.  Well, guess what?!?  With the long term studies  that have been done of supplement users, non supplement users and Shaklee supplement users….long term as in 10 years and more…..studies that are not done by Shaklee and the results are still proving that Shaklee supplement users are the healthiest population.  We now have the 30 Day Prove It Challenge!  Folks can do the challenge for 30 days and feel great…..if not they get their money back.  It is 2 simple steps.  First, do the  7 day cleanse which is offered for Free as part of the Prove It Challenge (veggies and fruits not provided but everything else is).  The cleanse helps the body’s digestive system to reboot.  And the 2nd step after the cleanse is to Strip-N-Shake.  Yep, taking the Vitalizer strip and a shake for one meal a day.  It is that simple.  For the month of August only, members and distributors can participate in the $159 special.  If you want to do it past August, keep in mind that the $159 special will only be available to non-Shaklee family!

I know that is a whole lot of excitement to take in.  And let me add to that excitement about the Prove It challenge

You can get your health journey reboot........And………That’s not all! 

Don’t do the challenge alone! I am doing a $25 Mahalo for each person that you refer and join in the challenge with you. Yep! I will personally give you $25!  There is no limit as to how many times I will give you $$.  What will you use your $$ for?  Will you use it to pay for your own Prove It challenge?  Will you put it in for a college or retirement fund?  Will you bank it for a special treat or to pay down debt?  The choice is yours! 

Okay….there is more! This is my birthday and 25th anniversary month so I will be doing a random pick winner for a surprise prize!  How can your name go in the hat, you ask?  It is very simple!  Here are the different ways and, yes, your name can go in the hat multiple times! 

  1. Place your normal order this month (instant or autoship) 

  2. Do the Prove It Challenge with me 

  3. Who do you know that would love to be energized, think clearer and feel better overall?  For each person you refer that participates in the Prove It Challenge, your name goes in the hat! That is in addition to the Mahalo I will send you. 

  4. Set up your Loyalty Reward qualifying autoship 

And for the rest of the trip…..enjoy these photos…..just a few of our shenanigans. 

Next trip…..Salt Lake City this week for personal development and business training workshops! 

In Gratitude!

Make Tomorrow Amazing…. It starts with You today!

Marie-anne a.k.a. Mom

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