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The Pressure of The Last Hour…

Some people thrive on pressure. If you are one…..more power to you.

For myself, I am more of a relaxed and get things done type of person….with some intensity to get things done. And, yes, when the pressure comes and things need to get done for deadlines…..or time off….I do kick up the intensity.

With getting ready for conference in Vegas, it means that I will be out of office for a week instead

of taking care of details of my 3 businesses and making sure everything is prepped at the doctor’s where I work for smooth patient care while I am gone. I do have some things that are on auto-pilot, scheduled, etc. so even with being out of the office, I will still have a ghost presence.

And then, I have tasks that I need to get completed before I fly out…… and a few simple things that I will simply do during my layover. In a way, preparing for time off, means doubling up on certain things.

That is where the pressure of the last hour comes.

Have you noticed how some people are able to do more in less time just before they go off on vacation?

What would you call that phenomenon?

Are you someone that thrives under pressure?

Make tomorrow amazing…..It starts with You today! Marie-anneA.K.A. Mom

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