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The vegetarian lobster

Are lobsters even vegetarian? No way, they eat things like fish, sea urchins, crab, clams and sometimes even other lobsters!

So what am I talking about when I say “The vegetarian lobster”?

I’m talking about me. I am vegetarian.

While, it is obvious that I am not a lobster, I have been lobster red. It was funny and not funny at the same time and it is an experience I will not repeat.

True…..It was not planned. Picture this…..

You are shy of 8 hours in the hot sun…...out on the highway……..no shade…….and surrounded by black lava fields.

If you knew you were going to be in that situation……..what would you pack to have with you?

Well, that was the situation I was in. It was a situation I knew I would be in as that was where the course was for the last marathon I completed.

What did I pack?

Well, I had my camel type bag with the Lemon-Lime Performance Hydrate in it…...a bit concentrated that way I would take a sip when grabbing water from the water stations.

I also had some snack bars and energy chews.

The one thing I forgot and did the big forehead smack about was…….sunscreen!

I was so burned by the end of the race that the best treat afterwards was laying in a tub of lukewarm water to cool down my skin.

While a family member laughed saying it wasn’t funny…..there was no thinking twice of taking

photos of my lobster red legs to snapchat with friends!

Now that I am training for the Honolulu Marathon, you can bet that sunscreen will not be


Until next time…..

Be the reason someone is smiling today!

Make tomorrow amazing,

It starts with You today!

Marie-anne A.k.a. Mom

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