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The WHY and WHO of my Affair!

You’ve probably seen it in movies….office romances or the love affair with the pool guy (no……we don’t have a pool….way too hard to dig into the lava rocks)!

Where one has to sneak and make time to be with the one they say they are “in love” with.  Maybe sneaking a quick passionate kiss in the stairwell or say they have to go to work and instead going to meet their lover.

There can actually be quite a bit of excitement simply from having to find that time and making it work……it’s an intoxicating rush!

So yep!

I decided to have an affair.

It’s giving me a rush of adrenaline.  I’m feeling the excitement and I am quite giddy about it!

It started earlier this year. To my surprise…… and I’ve snuck it in almost every day already!


This is an awesome feeling!

Yes, I have been sneaking……30 minutes that I didn’t think I had

…….to spend time with Me!


Well…….I am important!

Who would have thinketh!

So what do I do as I sneak that time with myself?

Brush my teeth (yes, I love to brush my teeth when I get up)

  • Brush my teeth (yes, I love to brush my teeth when I get up)

  • Feed the cat (gotta keep her happy)

  • Make my morning concoction (couple tbsp of apple cider vinegar, 1 lemon juiced, energizing green tea, a pinch of cayenne pepper and about 24 oz of warm water)

  • Grab my life strip

  • Grab my journal and refillable fountain pen filled with turquoise ink (it’s my special journaling pen)

  • Sit down with my journal/pen and spend time on goals, affirmations, vision, personal development and gratitude.

With such a simple and yet powerful routine, I control how my day starts and I get to set the pace!  I get to have intentional focus instead of accepting the status quo.

The WHY and WHO of my Affair!

And with the state of current affairs around the world and observing physical distancing (I do not call it social distancing as I am still staying socially connected via good old fashioned mail and also text, facebook, zoom, video chats, etc)……..it can become challenging to know which day is which!

Starting each day by taking control keeps me focused.

I’m so glad I decided to sneak that extra 30 minutes to have an affair with myself……I deserve it!

Until next time…..

Make tomorrow amazing…..  It starts with You today!  Marie-anne A.K.A. Mom

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