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What the Beegeebers are CPR Kits??

Christmas is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Holiday! I love to decorate.  I love all the colors and the sparkling lights all around.  To me…..there’s magic in the air! 

Without losing sight of the reason for the season, it is also the busiest time of year when it comes to gift giving and card sending. 

I believe in gift giving all year around.  Gifts are not necessarily tangible…..it can be the gift of time!  You never know how much your time can mean to someone else until you share your time with others.  Making the time to be with someone.  Making the time to listen to someone.  Making the time to hug someone.  These all may seem small in the grand scheme of life……but immense in that moment! 

When it comes to actual tangible gifts, I either like to make things myself, get gift certificates for experiences or places that I know the recipient will enjoy, or send gifts that I know the person will enjoy from our SendOutCards gift selection.   

If you are looking for a super easy DIY gift, I just made 40 of these CPR Kits!   

For teachers = Classroom Pro-Holiday Rescue   For everyone else = Crash Prevention Remedy 

Super Simple and perfect for those who love to receive things that are natural, without any kind of artificial flavor, sweetener, color, etc…….easily put together with a yummy snack bar, an energizing tea and some energy chews for that extra boost that may be needed. 

Check out short How-To video ….

Here are the labels that you can print yourself >>>> 



If you want more healthy & fun theme ideas….let me know!  I’m full of ideas. 

If you are looking to send both cards & gifts together……have I got a tip for you!  Keep It Simple!  Save yourself time!   I have been using Send Out Cards to send totally custom greeting cards.  You should see some of the fun holiday photos I am using and there are tons of gifts to choose from even these yummy…..yep small amounts of cookies are part of an enjoyable holiday celebration and these bowls are totally adorable and available while supplies lasts! 

And until my next blog post……  BE the reason someone is smiling today! 

Make tomorrow amazing…..  It starts with You today! 

Marie-anne  A.K.A. Mom 

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