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When time is a blur….

While things are changing daily around the world, some areas are opening up more and a sense of normalcy returns.  In other areas, things aren’t quite there yet and time can feel like a blur.

Here are a couple tips that I have found helpful.

  1.  Keep getting up at the same time as before

  2. Use an online calendar to organize a routine of activities or tasks…….even something as simple as doing laundry on a specific day

  3. Have a morning routine – it helps to set the pace to the day

  4. Have a self-care routine

Let’s see here…….

Keeping the same wake up time.  For me that means 5 am.  What is it for you?

When it comes to a calendar, the reason why I suggest an online option is that you can set alarms and reminders……and if you forgot what day it is, it will remind you of that too!

Your morning routine helps to set the pace to your day.  You can read about mine at my post of the why and who of my affair.  

And let’s see about that self-care routine.  I invite you to check out Masks & Mimosas……with a twist.  The masks are fantastic and don’t just take my word for it.

  • Smooth, glowing skin!

This mask removes impurities and gives me smoother, glowing skin!  I’m thankful for it!  Thanks, Shakee! (Deb H)

  • Love this clay mask!

You only have to leave this on for 10 minutes!  When I remove it my skin is incredibly soft and smooth.  Not only that it deep cleans my pores.  What I also loves is I have dry skin yet this doesn’t dry out my skin.  I use it once or twice a week!  Highly recommend it! (Patty K)

Get yourself what you’ll need for this wonderful self-care routine.  Click >> here<<  to order Hydrating Gel Mask ahead of time.  And click >>here<< to get the Purifying Clay Mask.

Until next time…..

Make tomorrow amazing…..  It starts with You today!  Marie-anne

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