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Why did I say no to MLM?

I have been part of the Shaklee Ohana since September 11, 1995.  I fell in love with the products, the company and the philosophy so it was only natural that the distributor I was getting my products from asked to sit down with me and share about the business opportunity.  Being good friends, I had no problems sitting down to hear what she had to say.

Back in those days, it was about $40 to get a box delivered and everything was ordered by the distributor and we would get our products from them.  Nowadays, orders are drop shipped directly to the customer/member and shipping rates are super reasonable averaging between about $8ish to free!

But, let’s get back to my story.  Here we are, sitting on a hawaiian beach. It’s my lunch break. The ocean breeze is calmly whisping across the waves and my friend who is the distributor I get my best goodies from goes over the details making sure that if I had any questions about the products, company and business opportunity ….they all got answered.  

Personally, I didn’t even know what Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing was.  I had heard of the term pyramid scheme because of some scams that were going around that some patients were I worked at told me about so I knew that this wasn’t one of “those things”. She covered all the basics and I didn’t have extra questions for her.

When it came time to ask me the BIG QUESTION about switching to the business side instead of being a product user……and a very happy one, I might add…….to my friend’s surprise, I was a simple “No….I’m not interested”

Why did I say No?

I had multiple reasons.

To start…..

  • I liked my job as a Chiropractic Assistant.

  • I didn’t want to work when I wasn’t at work.

  • I had no idea how to run a business.

  • We were going to start a family.

Simply put…..it wasn’t for me.

So what changed?  Why am I doing it now?

My change probably happened in a way that hasn’t happened to many others and with today’s technology, most likely will not happen to anyone else moving forward.

My friend was moving off island and needed someone to be the go-to person for her customers to pick up their goodies from. I agreed to be that person as that would be easy to do…..order once a month what is needed, let them know when it has arrived, collect from them their share when they pick up their products.  And yes, it was that simple.

What I did not expect to happen was having more kids, moving off and back on island, direct drop-ship options to the customer, me wanting to be home with my kids, friends asking me about these products I was using, etc etc etc….

At that point it really made sense to me to be an active distributor for the company…….after all

  • ……I am already using the products!

  • …….I am already considered a distributor!

  • …….and I friends are approaching me about getting products!

Many more things had changed from the day I had become a distributor simply to be the contact person to the mind shift of being a distributor to build an actual business.

Distribution options, the use of technology and Compensation were the biggest changes!

Of the 9 ways we get compensated,

Yes……9 ways!

I am currently being compensated in 4 different ways.  As my business grows, the extra way I will get compensated will be all expense paid trips and then after that will come the car allowance, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!

What I love about the compensation plan of this company is that I don’t have to understand every detail.  I keep doing what I am doing.  I keep getting my electronic deposits on time without fail and as my business grows…….I earn in more ways even if I didn’t understand before how it all worked. And guess what……to this day, I still can’t explain it all in full details, but what I know is that by doing the same business growing activities, the business grows and so does the ways we all get compensated!

Is it a get-rich-quick-while-you-sleep type deal?

Well……in my case, I have not gotten rich while sleeping, however, it is exciting to see notifications of activity and business growth that happens from the foundation I have built and the regular activities I do.

If you would like to explore and learn more, send me a DM on my personal Facebook profile.

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