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Why writing your story is a powerful tool for business

Do you have a story to tell? If you said yes, then there is no better time to self-publish then right now! I’m quite sure you’ve noticed that self-publishing has exploded, and here’s why!

Writing a book has fast become a tool for someone to build their:

  • business

  • networks

  • branding

And this is all because someone can have their content published and use it as a tool to bring attention to themselves as an entrepreneur.

Even better, book publications are a great way to tell stories to broadcast your message out to the world and help those looking to learn from your experiences.

That’s why I wanted to introduce you to Jenn Foster…she’s the owner of:

  • Elite Online Publishing

  • CEO of Biz Social Boom

Her specialty is helping people to become authors by writing their publications. By combining her education, knowledge, and life-long experience, Jenn teaches you how to:

  • be found in today’s virtual world

  • engage prospects on their terms

  • continue to connect and follow up with your network and prospects and convert them into customers. 

>> Hear Jenn’s advice on writing your story and self-publishing your book to use as a tool to help people and grow your business. <<

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